Read the following testimonials for my copywriting, ghostwriting and editing services and independently published lifestyle articles.

What some kind copywriting, ghostwriting and editing clients say:

“Kristin Lee is a remarkable freelance writer and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her at all for her services. We have worked together for almost a year and the material that she has presented has been well received – her creative expression has made the online and magazine articles come to life. You can’t go wrong with lifestyle writing and you won’t be sorry if you make contact.”
Johnny Carter
Mindset Coach and Business Mentor, NSW, Australia

“When we first started Mineral Spa, Kristin provided the perfect words for our publications and press releases. Her understanding of our target markets ensured we had the best outcomes. She is a joy to deal with.”
Chris Maldon and Wayne Cross
Co-owners of Spa Country Getaways, Victoria, Australia

“Kristin takes the stress out of putting your words out there in the world. She has a wonderful gift of keeping you calm while the project progresses and puts your ideas into a clear, logical format. You can be safe in the knowledge that all those spellos and grammos have been sent packing.”
Margaret Gill
Abundant Private Practices, Melbourne, Australia  

“On a tight deadline, Kristin took our ‘baby’ and whipped it into shape. She is a huge talent and her attention to detail as an editor is first-class. Kristin is thorough and professional, but as an added bonus a genuinely great person to work with. Kristin was a key player in the success of our brand and e-book and we look forward to working with her for years to come.
Cathy Riddett
Co-founder of STATE OF SHOP, Sydney, Australia 

“Kristin Lee has written for both my business and charity work. It was exactly what I needed and more. Her writing is highly professional and she completed the work efficiently. I would highly recommend Kristin’s lifestyle writing service to help your business or organisation make a positive impact in the market place.”
Tessa Jetson
Founder of [B]RAVE – charity supporting domestic violence and abuse

“Kristin produced a succinct and meaningful professional biography from a large jumble of information, and was patient and pleasant to work with. I have referred Kristin to my clients and they have also been very happy with the results.”
Charlotte Almond

“Kristin’s commitment to the promotion of our festival is something we truly appreciate. She has genuinely gone above and beyond to not only produce amazing press releases, but to guide us through every step of the way. We highly recommend Kristin for her beautiful writing and unwavering dedication.” 
David Yu
President of BLIA Victoria (co-organiser of Buddha’s Day & Multicultural Festival)

“I was surprised at how easily Kristin put words together about the yoga I love and teach. She took the stress and pressure away from me, asking simplified questions about Kundalini Yoga, its origins and myself. What Kristin wrote has inspired me to learn and teach more of this wonderful style of yoga so that more people may come to benefit from this technique.”  
Kathy McLean
The Rarest Gem, Adelaide, Australia

“Kristin was quick to understand our requirements and responsive to our needs. She was able to produce fluent work of a standard that exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
Bernard Depasquale
Australian Music Examinations Board – Federal Office

What some happy editors say about my freelance articles:

“Kristin Lee has been a wonderful asset to Country Life Publishing, writing on a wide range of subject areas across the company’s two main titles, Yarra Valley & Ranges magazine and Gippsland Country Life. She writes simply, clearly and elegantly, and is highly regarded by editorial staff as a very reliable and helpful contributor who generates lots of ideas of her own, as well as being a great go-to writer for assignments when required by the editors. Kristin is particularly skilled writing about artists, producers and country properties for our publications, but I wouldn’t hesitate to present her with almost any writing challenge with confidence that she will come up trumps.” 
Andrew Cooke
Former Editor at Country Life Publishing

“By thorough research, and using her typically high standard of professionalism, Kristin captured exactly what we required. She provided us with a flavour of what it was like in the day in the life of a Computer Coordinator with the final copy matching the subject and the purpose of the publication – exactly. She undertook this task with a minimum of fuss, and a maximum of application.”
Malcom Brown
Founder & Former Editor of Interactive Books

“Kristin Lee has been a regular contributor to Postcards Victoria magazine. She is a creative and adept writer, with excellent ideas for articles, a warm and informative style, and has a strong grasp of all the technicalities of good journalistic presentation. Kristin is always spot on schedule for any article she promises.”
Sharon Hurst
Former Editor of Postcards Victoria magazine

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