Holistic Living Ghostwriting

Do you have an article, a blog post or a self-published book to write, but are short on time?

Are you struggling to express the words with clarity, consistency and completeness?

Although ghostwriting has been around for aeons, where the ‘author’ hires a writer to ‘ghost’ the likes of autobiographies or memoirs on their behalf, these days it’s easier to leverage the writing of all manner of non-fiction subjects to an experienced ghostwriter.

Using a ghostwriter streamlines the process of taking your concept, expertise and ideas so that a compelling, well-structured story unfolds with authenticity, insight and reader-friendly appeal.

Not only is ghostwriting a way of getting your story on the page, you retain your name as the author and it’s written in your voice. Alternatively, and depending on the medium and the nature of the subject, ‘the voice’ can be created for your body of words.

What have I ghostwritten?

To date, I’ve ghostwritten:

  • Several personal and professional development articles and blog posts.
  • An author contribution on managing a business with a holistic approach for Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business.
  • A holistic approach to the economy book (due for publication in 2018).
  • Part of a self-published spiritual wellbeing guidebook, and the structural edit of the original manuscript (due for publication in 2018). 

I also did the research and edit for lifestyle e-book State of Shop.

Ghostwriting Specialties

I ghostwrite:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • and self-published non-fiction e-books with a holistic, self-help or personal development perspective.

Non-fiction subjects and areas of interest that I enjoy writing about include:

  • conscious, creative, clean living
  • holistic health and wellbeing
  • personal development & self-help
  • lifestyle guidebooks
  • organic and ethical food producers
  • healthy, sustainable living
  • natural horsemanship
  • responsible travel.

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