Holistic Living Ghostwriting

Do you have an article, a blog post or a self-published book to write, but are short on time?

Are you struggling to express the words the right way?

Although ghostwriting has been around for aeons, where the ‘author’ hires a writer to ‘ghost’ the likes of autobiographies or memoirs on their behalf, these days it’s easier to leverage the writing of all manner of non-fiction subjects to an experienced ghostwriter.

Using a ghostwriter streamlines the process of taking your concept, expertise and ideas so that a compelling, well-structured story unfolds with clarity, insight and reader-friendly appeal.

Not only is ghostwriting a way of getting your story on the page, you retain your name as the author and it’s written in your voice.

What have I ghostwritten?

To date, I’ve ghostwritten:

  • Several personal and professional development articles and blog posts.
  • An author contribution on managing a business with a holistic approach for Insiders Know-How: Running Your Own Business.
  • A holistic approach to the economy e-book (due for publication in 2017).
  • Part of a self-published spiritual wellbeing guidebook, and the structural edit of the original manuscript (due for publication in 2017). 

I also did the research and edit for lifestyle e-book State of Shop.

Ghostwriting Specialties

I ghostwrite:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • and self-published non-fiction e-books with a holistic, self-help or personal development perspective.

Non-fiction subjects and areas of interest that I enjoy writing about include:

  • conscious, heart-centred living
  • holistic health and wellbeing
  • personal development & self-help
  • lifestyle guidebooks
  • organic and ethical food producers
  • healthy, sustainable living
  • natural horsemanship
  • responsible travel.

Ready to bring your story to life? Contact me.

Kristin Lee

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