Lifestyle & Conscious Living Copywriting

Words exude energy.

Words convey meaning.

Words create personal connections.


As a well-versed lifestyle and conscious living copywriter, I create clear, concise and creative copy that resonates and illuminates.

My engaging and evocative style — with a human touch — means you receive quality content that gets to the essence of who you are, your purpose and the value you bring to enrich the lives of others.

Blog Posts & Web Content

Enlightening blog posts, about/work with me pages and websites keep your readers informed and inspired. They get to the heart of you and/or your service. 

Compelling, coherent and crystal-clear content ensures you have:

  • Concise, lively copy that makes your business or service a turn-on, not a turn-off.
  • Savvy web content that provides an impressive Internet presence.
  • Long-tail keywords (specific phrases/SEO) to align with your ideal audience.
  • Consistent copy that has substance and meaning.
  • Information that’s accessible, transparent and easy to understand.

Brochures & Service Descriptions

Although online content is more accessible than ever, and is predominantly used as a marketing tool, there’s still a need to balance it with personable offline and/or print content. After all, we are living, breathing human beings who need personal connections.

Well-written correspondence, including flyers or brochures, can:

  • Capture your audience’s attention and create authentic connections.
  • Introduce new products or services, showing how they can assist others.
  • Share meaningful updates and insights.

Media Releases

An authentically unique and attention-grabbing media release is about sharing your point of difference well. It allows you to share your story, be it a new book, product or service, as well as announce events or launches to key print, online, TV and radio outlets.

I write compelling, accurate and concise media releases suitable for 100 per cent reproduction. With professional experience as a lifestyle journalist, features editor, plus working with a range of primetime Australian TV productions, I have firsthand experience of what it takes to make your media release stand out.

Media release subjects have included:

  • alternative health and wellbeing
  • arts
  • cultural events and social awareness campaigns
  • lifestyle
  • mindful living
  • fundraisers.

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